Trip to Canadian Rockies Mountains and Vancouver

with my two sisters!!!

Banff city
horseback riding


While I was in Vancouver, my two sisters came to Canada to see me and we three sisters traveled to Canadian Rockies Mountains together for three days and I showed them around Vancouver for 4 days from 20th to 26th of July 2002. It was the first time that we traveled abroad togather. This travel was most exciting one in my life because we had a lot of adventures by only ourselves and all days were such nice days.

  • July.20th.2002

     My two sisters, Yoshiko and Kyoko flew to Vancouver from Japan and then we three flew to Calgary. We rent a car at the Calgary airport and then drove to Banff. (133km)My younger sister, Kyoko drove and my older sister, Yoshiko and I were kind of navigators. We had never experienced to drive in other countries so we were very nervous first. Although we lost our ways several times, we did such a good and safe job! We walked around Banff city and stayed at Rimrock Rezort Hotel which is a very gorgeous hotel in Banff for three days!

  • July.21st.2002 

    We had such a delicious breakfast at the hotel and we drove to Columbia Icefield (186km) visiting a lot of lakes. It was such a long way, but we are just impressed by Canadian nature. Especially, Lake Lousise, Moraine Lake and Peyto Lake were amazing! Seeing is believing! Just go and see them!


  • July.22nd.2002 

    We went to the top of Sulphur Mountain by gondola. We saw a panoramic view in Banff. Just gorgeous! We tried horseback riding from Banff Springs Hotel for one hour. It was first time for my sisters. They were very afraid but also excited. After that, we had strong pains in our crotches and legs.You know, Canadian horseback riding is a very hard sports. We had to control our horses by ourselves. They were sometimes not nice!!We drove back to Calgary in the afternoon. We drove to a lot of places by ourselves. Especially, My younger sister, Kyoko did good job! We flew back to Vancouver in the evening.

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Kyoko and Yoshiko  at Lake  Louise
My two sisters came to Canada for the first time and they are just amazed at such a beautiful scenery. We got a lot of minus ion. You know, air here is quite different from Japan. comfortable!!!
Ikuko at Columbia icefield
We drove from Banff to Columbia Icefield. It was a quite long driving and we were so tired, but we could see such spectacular views on our way. Just fantastic!!!
We did canoeing in Lake Louise. The color of water was real emerald green. How beautiful! Yoshiko was really good at paddling a canoe. Kyoko and I were just comfortable because of her good job!
conoeing in Lake  Louise
At the top of Sulphur mountain, we saw some lovely nature squirrels! We didn't feed them, but they were us all the time! So cute-!
with a squirrel
on our way
It was a quite long driving so we sometimes need to take rests. I don't really remember this lake because there were so many beautiful lakes in Canadian Rockies.
Yoshiko, Ikuko, Kyoko
We wanted to take a picture of three of us, but there was of course no one! We put our camera on our car and then took this picture! Very nice, right!
At Moraine Lake. See the color of water! According to the sun light , the color was changing! Just incredible! Kyoko looks much betterin this picture! Ha-ha.
beautiful Kyoko!?
From the top of Sulphur mountain we saw such a nice view of Banff. we came in the early morning so we were only three there. Oh with some squirrels! Very quiet and fresh!
Sulphur Mountain


  • July.23rd.2002 

    We were so tired after our short trip to Canadian Rockies Mountains so we were sleeping until noon. From today I had to show my sisters around Vancouver because I know Vancouver very much. I was a kind of tour guide lived here for 1 year and half and I visit here almost every year. Why? Because I love Vancouver! Anyway, we went to Gastown first because it is the birthplace of Vancouver! Next, we went to North Vancouver! Of course I showed them Capilano Suspension Bridge and Grouse Mountain. We went to the top of mountain by gondola and lift! We saw such a marvelous view of vancouver from there! I realized how beautiful Vancouver is! My sisters are just amazed at everything here. We stayed at Pacific Palisades Hotel which is very artistic.

  • July.24th.2002 

    We went to Granville Island which is my most favorite place. It is a really artistic place! We enjoyed eating, listening music, seeing arts and shopping there for a long time. Then we went to Yaletown where is coolest for young people in Vancouver. Yaletown is also my favorite because everything is so cool! Artistic and fashionable! My sisters also loved there. Night time, we went to a jazz club, THE CELLAR.We listened nice jazz music and fell asleep...

  • July.25th.2002 

    We went to Queen Elizabeth park in the morning and walked around the residential streets. My sisters were very interested in Canadian houses. They were pretty big and artistic. We just envied them. In the afternoon we spent time in Stanley Park included Vancouver Aquarium and seawall.

  • July.26th.2002 

    We had last breakfast on Robson street and my sisters flew back to Japan. I hope they had so much fun!


Totem poles
Vancouver's night view


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