Tap dance

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I have learned tap dancing at Sachiko Tap Dance Studio in Japan for almost 2 years. I go tap dancing twice a week in Japan. It is quite fun. We are practicing many kind of steps with Jazz and hip hop music hard for our shows. I'm a bit crazy about tap dancing because it makes my life lively and happy. I think a lot of people don't know how cool tap dance is. Seeing is Believing! Why don't you try it once. It is very cool and deep!
I know some wonderful tap dancers in Japan, but I had no idea about Canadian tap dance so I was very curious. While I was in Canada, I took drop in tap dance lessons at Harbour Dance Centre in Vancouver three times a week. First, I was a kind of nervous because I have never learned tap dance in other countries. However, teachers and other students were very friendly and skillful and I really enjoyed it! This dance school has many kind of dance lessons, for example tap dance, hip hops, ballet, modern, street dance, aikido etc.. Anyway I enjoyed seeing those dances besides tap dance. What I thought is Canadian people have their individualities. Even if they don't know many steps, they can dance well. We Japanese, especially me lack our individualities and we can follow our teachers, but we can't dance freely. I learned Canadian sprits here! I want to have my originality! DANCE!!

tapshoes on a piano

My favorite tap dancer

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HIDEBOH is my favorite tap dancer. He is the most funky and talented tapdancer in Japan. When you see his tap dance, you will be just amazed at his technique.

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